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***Because this bakeshop strives to only have pleased customers and to ensure that it adds joy to all the special events & occasions in your life, ALL ORDERS MUST BE VISUALLY CHECKED BY THE CUSTOMER UPON PICKUP for verification of order and customer satisfaction. Once the order has been picked up, there will be NO adjustments to the orders. By taking & accepting the order you are verifying that the order has been visually checked according to order specifications that should have been given to the bakeshop and the agreement that was reached between you and the baker during order inquiry/consultation/ordering process. If you should find that something is unacceptable, DO NOT take the order, but instead bring this to the attention of the baker so that the order can be rectified. Because ALL ORDERS are baked fresh & made to each individual's custom dietary needs, ALL SALES ARE FINAL & REFUNDS WILL NOT BE GIVEN.***

*Closed On Sundays*

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