Custom Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Soy-Free, & Nut-Free (with the exception of coconut which may be omitted from chocolate flavor only) Cakes


Serves about 24 ($2.92 per serving)


Red Velvet


*Speak with baker prior to placing your order to discuss specifics (i.e. dietary needs, availability, desired pickup day & time, theme, etc)


*Includes 1 Add-On* Additional add-ons may be purchased at $10 per add-on.


These cakes may include the following add-ons:
Drips (White Chocolate Colored)
Drips (Metallic Gold or Silver)
Ice Cream Cones
Sprinkles in the middle
Floral Decor
Intricate & Stylized Buttercream


Edible Image (MUST Specify to baker if you would like to fill the cake as the image on top or SIMPLY CENTERED on top, which may not fill entire top face of cake)


1 Simple Fondant Application added, NOT MULTIPLE or THEMED FONDANT CAKES
Customized Cake Toppers (i.e. names, gold, silver, bronze numbers, etc)

Intermediate Celebration Cakes

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