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Hi there! I’m Danielle Spears, the owner & specialty baker at That’s Amazing! Sweets & Treats located in Plainfield, IL. where I reside with my husband and our 4 wonderful children. baking up sweet gluten free, vegan, & allergy-friendly treats.  Shortly after my youngest daughter was born she was diagnosed with multiple food allergies, which over the years has been the source of much angst and many precautionary efforts. Sometimes with simple abstinence winning out. Because of this, not only did I feel that she was missing out, but that I wasn’t doing enough. Simply withholding and abstaining from different foods and situations was not the answer. I needed to do more. After all, being a mother is more than just something on a birth certificate. It’s a mentality, one’s nature, the love and sacrifices that one continuously pours into their little ones so that along their journey they can experience as little pain and sadness and as much joy and fulfillment as possible. 

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Over the years, I have spent countless hours wrestling with ways to not only ensure that she was healthy and thriving, but also trying out recipe after recipe that she too could enjoy, and enjoy with family and friends. This task became evermore present over the years as we were faced with gathering after gathering and celebration after celebration. All of which always centered around food. So when I wasn’t trying to avoid various foods, I found myself avoiding various festivities all together so as to not put my child into a situation where they would feel left out, singled out, or potentially given something hazardous to their health. 

However, there was one time a year when this became almost impossible to evade-her birthday.

You never realize just how important or significant something is until the joy of it is taken away. 

Not being able to celebrate events, especially her birthday, with the traditional foods that one equates with 

such celebrations was devastating.  Just as food is often the key focal point in any major celebration so too is cake. 

That’s when I knew things had to change. Wider selections and better options needed to be made more readily available. Not just for my daughter, but for all who struggle day to day with managing their health and diet. It was my desire that everyone should be able to enjoy life’s greatest pleasures-food & celebration with the ones they love. That’s when I knew That’s Amazing! Sweets & Treats was the answer.

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